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Rain water Harvesting Systems

Rain water harvesting is the collection of water from structures such as roofs and storing it in storage vessels for domestic purposes. It can be purified to convert it into drinking water, used for daily applications and even utilized in large scale industries. With increase in global temperature (which causes a fall on water [...]


Six Important Stages In a Construction Project

Pre-project phase A construction project begins with an idea, a perceived need, a desire to improve or add to productive capacity or the wish for more efficient provision of some public service. This is where the dream begins as well as the research for the right location and the specifications/standards that should be followed. [...]


Main reasons as to why construction projects stall.

a) Inefficient management The construction knowledge we have today enables us to conduct proper management for construction projects to ensure the delivery of the desired quality within the required time and on cost. Without this management, the above-mentioned requirements cannot be achieved. On the contrary, a more severe outcome might wait just around the corner if [...]


Affordable Housing vs Low cost Housing

Affordable housing is that housing that you, specifically, can afford. Low-cost housing on the other hand, is less expensive than the average cost or that which you can easily afford. The term affordable housing has rapidly been gaining currency over the past few years across Kenya in policy and research circles. These homes are considered [...]


Precast Concrete Technology In Kenya

Increased demand for affordable homes in Kenya has led increased use of new technologies that promise to speed up construction projects. Precast wall panel line, a hollow-core flooring slab line and a line for columns and prestressed beam are currently being used widely because the construction period of a house has been shortened and [...]


Poor Infrastructure Maintenance Practices In Kenya

For many years now, focus has exclusively been on the construction of new buildings and roads leaving the built infrastructure in danger of deteriorating beyond the point of economic repair. Currently, there is a large stock of public buildings in Kenya owned by Central Government, County Governments, and Parastatals that are in poor state [...]


UN-Habitat’s ‘Tiny House’ Prototype

NyumbaBora Ltd acknowledges the 'Tiny House' prototype designed by the UN-Habitat that approaches the challenges of sustainable and affordable construction. The two bed-roomed tiny house is 56 square metres inclusive of the verandah. Its foundation varies depending on the design and frame structures are built using tetra pack panels and steel for both columns [...]